Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"My beloved monster and me...

...we go everywhere together." My Beloved Monster by The Eels.

So, James has been doing better with sleep the last two nights - he basically fusses till midnight, then wakes up at 5 and 7. Still not back to as well as he was doing, but much more livable! Though we have all come down with a sore throat in the meantime, so that's too bad. His emotions have been a little better, bless his heart, though we got our 4-month shots yesterday, and naturally that didn't exactly cheer us up!  But he took his shots like a champ and didn't even throw a tantrum.

In other news, we started trying out various little baby foods - I pureed some berries and we've been trying out rice cereal as per our doctor's recommendations. Hopefully we'll get up pictures soon - the faces he makes are priceless! But he's been taking it awesome - we're so proud of our little man.


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