Saturday, October 06, 2012

"One flight down there's a song on low...

...and it's been there, playing all along." One Flight Down by Norah Jones.

Hello lovelies! Happy weekend!

First things first - My Top 10 Cravings of The Last Week:

1. Coconut Cream Pie (Thanks to Coe's for a complimentary slice as a "baby present"!)
2. Home-grilled burgers.
3. Apple Crisp a la mode with Carmel Sauce
4. Sweet Tea
5. Iceberg salad with ranch. And yes, it HAD to be iceberg.
6. Bananas and Nutella
7. Apples, apples, apples.
8. Pistachio dessert (still haven't got this one yet - none of the grocery stores have had pistachio pudding, can you believe it!?!? How mean.)
9. Oreos and milk
10. Those really terrible Little Debbie's fall cakes. Um, YUM.

So now you know.

Photo by my AMAZING and talented friend Amanda.
We're less than a week before d-day and I am literally about to POP. This baby could come at any time, and I appreciate all the prayers and well-wishes from everyone! I'm so excited!!! My parents arrive tonight so I'm happy for him to come anytime now.

Keep an eye on Facebook for the big arrival!

Love! <3 p="p">

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Marianne said...

Looking forward to hearing the big news! Praying for you guys. :)