Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Yo soy un hombre sincero...

...De donde crecen las palmas." Guantanamera performed by Doc Severninson.

Hello, lovelies!!!

I was reorganizing some cabinet space the other day, and back in a dark recess I re-discovered one of my most amazing antique store finds - a full 8-place set of china for $15! Why have I not been spoiling myself with the use of these little pretties?! 

Irony helping me while I wash the dishes.
My cynical husband reminded me that it is because they have to be handwashed. Aha. 

So anyway. :) We're back from our various trips, though we have one more in-state trip for Ryan's work next week, then we'll be here for duration until the baby comes. :) 



Rebecca said...

hehe, if you don't have a dishwasher, like some of us, then I guess there's absolutely no reason not to use the pretty plates?...Although, I guess they might become less "special" if they were used everyday.

Kyte said...

Yes yes! Though we also have our reeeeeeeeally special china from wedding presents, and I only use that on holidays! :)