Monday, July 09, 2012

"Then I saw her face... I'm a believer!" I'm a Believer by The Monkees.

So in case you hadn't yet noticed, the whole trip kinda revolved around my ADORABLE niece. She is such a ham!

Meggles lovin' on a STOLEN Tigger. 
Grandma giving Meggles a mustache. 
Meggles giving herself a mustache (to be like Grandpa).

Meggles eyeing Grandpa's sopapilla; Grandpa shocked that we could accuse Meggles of such a thing.

Getting ready to go.

Hugging Grandpa goodbye.

The Fam. L to R - Momma, Fred, Meggles, Balesy, and Daddy.

Meggles can't stand to see us go.
Bye Meggles!!! (Actually, I'm seeing her again this week - yay!!!) It was so much fun seeing my sister and parents and everybody! A week is not long enough.

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Marianne said...

Love the family pic at the airport!