Monday, July 02, 2012

"Pitter patter of those feet...

...movin' and a groovin with that beat." Let Me In by The Sensations

We're back!!! Well, actually, we're off again on another trip tomorrow, but I have been so terrible about keeping you all up to date since we got back from the Land of Enchantment! I'll be catching you up while we're gone this time, and hopefully we can get back on schedule by the time we're back. 

So we went to a wedding. It's the first wedding I've been to without actually putting it on since...oh geez. Probably since my sweet friends TiFi and his gorgeous Canadian bride got married back in 2008 or so. But we still got to help, which was so much fun, since it was all the old home people. I do miss them!

Daddy pointing out the sights.

Momma (right) and Mrs. C decorating the cakes. I got to do the chocolate shavings on one!

Me and my sweetie all dressed up.

Sister Fred and Niece Meggles posing for me. (Friend J on left was on furlough from Kenya, -
what a treat to see her! We are almost never in the same state at the same time when she visits. 

Childhood chums of the bride.Me, A, and Fred. (left-to-right)
Two Grandpas. Meggles and my dad, and Mr. S with his granddaughter. (her Mum, Stef, is there on the right keeping an eye on things. :)
Exhausted and sleeping on the way home. :P

So that was the beginning of the installment--GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!! (My grandma, not Meggles. Ok, maybe a brief stop at Meg's Grandma, but then onto mine.)

Much love!


MagistraCarminum said...

Loved the pictures, and the old home people miss you, too! TiFi and family are arriving Tuesday. :-)

Kyte said...

I wish we had more than one brief evening in LA! Next time I hope we won't be as rushed. :/