Monday, July 16, 2012

"Follow me...

...everything is all right." Follow Me by Uncle Kracker.

Hello lovelies!!! Happy Monday. :)

So, one of my favorite things for roadtrip travel is...a matching set luggage (especially vintage, if you can find it)! There is something very glamourous about arriving at your destination in a cute little sundress, oversized sunglasses, and having a trunkful of matching luggage!

Izzy is hiding from Irony.

His hiding spot may be compromised.

Irony waiting for Izzy to show himself.

My mother-in-law was cleaning out their basement and she found this lovely set of luggage that she doesn't use any more! I was so excited when she offered it to me - I love it! As you can see, the kitties also love it. This set is definitely coming on our next little roadtrip, though I probably wouldn't ever fly with it because there are no wheels. Beauty has its' price, ya'll, but I do draw the line at carrying my luggage through those ginormous airports.

Much love!


the pink pixie said...

My mom used to have those exact suitcases. Unfortunately they deteriorated with all the cross country trips. :(

Sparks said...

My mom had those too! But I think they got replaced because they wouldn't fit under the seat for carry-on traveling.

Marianne said...