Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Then I saw her face... I'm a believer!" I'm a Believer by The Monkees.

Fun little trivia tidbit, did you realize the lead singer for the Monkees was the drummer? Neither did I. You learn something new every day!

So, yesterday I told you about one of the amazing morning-sickness gifts someone gave me, and today is another. We are so blessed to have such sweet friends and family!

A few weeks ago I was whining to my sister and to the Pink Pixie about how I was too sick to do anything and movies made me more nauseous and I had already read ALL my books. (Ok, that might have been a slight exaggeration, but I mean, who wants to read Wayne Gruedem's A Systematic Theology when they're already nauseous?) And then, lo and behold, I received two delightful boxes, full of wonderful books!

From my sister.

Stack on the right from the Pink Pixie.
And apparently they've spread the word and various other sweet friends are preparing the next wave for me! 

So, if you have a bed-bound morning sick friend who lives far away...perhaps send her some books. It has been such a joy and blessing! My sister is the best at recommending books - she's so ridiculously well-read, she's always got the latest on any given series. I very much enjoyed the Attolia series! Apparently there's another coming out soon. Yay!

As for the Pink Pixie's selection, she chose books that were by authors from her former home-state of Indiana, and I was enchanted by the turn-of-the-century descriptions of the Limberlost and midwestern culture from that era. I had no idea Indiana had ever been anything more than...well, cornfields! It made me want to go see Gene Stratton Porter's home and explore the last few vestiges of swamp and look for moths and orchids and become a naturalist and bird watcher. I already have binoculars and everything. 

So, thank you, dear friends, and I have enjoyed all the books so much! I'll mail them back soon. :) 

Much love!

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