Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"I must stay deep...

...cuz talk is cheap." Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega.

Hello lovelies!

So, you'll never guess what I've been doing with my less-than-energetic time.

(My mom has probably already guessed it.)


Yes, yes. I love so much sorting things and making them prettier! And since I spend a lot of time these days in my room staring (alternately) out the window at our (brown) fence and then, when that side of me gets tired, at the bulletin board where all my necklaces live. So I re-arranged all my jewelry on the board so it's so much more attractive to look at now, and I got rid of a heap-o-stuff that has been taking up space since high school and I am never, ever, ever going to be caught dead in it.

And then once I'd done that, I was just on a role and went ahead and did my earrings too. And once that was done, I suddenly thought of that particular bowl being stored in the kitchen downstairs doing NOTHING with its life, and all my bangle bracelets draped over various corners of things and being chased around the floor by the cats, so I ribboned each set together and voila! I am pleased.

I'm pondering using a matching bowl for small scarves, but there's only so much space on my dresser. On the other hand, scarves are so pretty, what's the point of having them all tucked in a drawer and only coming out when I remember to wear one? So that may be next. What I really want is like two hanging fruit basket from the ceiling, one on either side of my vanity (but they have to look more chandelier-y than fruit basket-y) and then I can put all kinds of pretty things in them and have them handy for wearing! It looks great in my mind, but yeah. It's like those good ideas on pinterest that never quite work.

Any fun re-organizing projects you've been working on lately?

Irony all decked out. :)  
Much Love!

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Sparks said...

Ah, yes, organizing is to be expected. ;-)

Instead of the fruit baskets, what about trying a wall basket? Like this one (minus the flowers):

Or maybe this one(?):

Just an idea. More space-saving than something hanging from the ceiling... :-)