Monday, April 02, 2012

"Wont you get hip to this timely tip...

...Jack and take this California trip." Route 66 by Chuck Berry.

I was reading my sister's blog (as I often do) and I saw her talking about her "beach itch." I get the same thing, only for roadtrips. Or any trips, actually - I'm not choosy. Flying, driving, sailing--heck, I'll take a train. But I have been informed by The Powers That Be that until my endurance is up a little (meaning, I have to be able to last more than an hour awake at a time without throwing up) a trip will have to wait.

The Powers That Be also made some sort of comments about the President of the United States, gas prices, taxes, and a few other politically-driven issues. There might have been some spicy language involved.

I'm not completely sure, because I was falling asleep again.


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