Thursday, April 05, 2012

"We'll listen to it twice...

...cuz the DJ is asleep." On The Radio by Regina Spektor. 

Happy Thursday, Lovelies! 

I am seriously pleased with my latest little home inspiration. 

I was reading my Southern Living (or was it Better Homes and Gardens?) and I noticed all featured houses had sideboards with little whimsical displays of some form of alcohol, charming knick-knacks, and other such sideboard-y items. It looked so Winston Churchill--so Downton Abbey--so Lord Peter Whimsey--so Jeeves and Wooster!

I must have one.

We aren't particularly frequent drinkers, understand (I mean, I'm a complete tee-totaler these days anyhow) but when I foraged beneath the cabinets I found that we had a bottle of Crown Royal and a cute little raspberry liquor and some shot glasses we'd got on our cruise so...I set them on a tray, put our pretty cork collection in a vase, added a few candle holders, the Irony bottle, and a silver-leaf camel figurine and viola! Sideboard! The table/shelf itself is a black bookshelf we recently moved to the dining room to extend our china and cookbook storage room.

So now if you stagger in from the rain and need a medicinal whiskey, I can take you right to it.

(A Critic informs me that I should technically put out little tumblers instead of shot glasses, because you don't exactly take shots of Crown. But I stand by my shot glasses. I use our tumblers as juice glasses, so they are Occupied Elsewhere.)

Notice the nice little allusions to classic shapes? I'm really quite proud of it - the oversized stemware style candleholders, the carafe vase for the corks, and the nice striking black-and-tan color scheme. Ha.


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