Monday, April 09, 2012

"And she'll have fun fun fun...

...till her daddy takes the T-bird away." Fun Fun Fun by the Beach Boys.

Since I didn't feel like moving around much over the weekend with nausea and very low energy, I did one of those monotonous tasks I've been putting off since I got my new computer (over a year ago). Back when I got my first macbook, in college, I had backed up everything from my old Dell on CDs (the Dell had a tendency to get things spilled on it--not be me, oddly enough--and die, as dorm life is hard on a laptop. So it was backed up frequently). I went back and saved all my old pictures and music from college onto my "new" computer!

Tex inside (Lilly outside) circa 2004.
Have any of ya'll gone back through old pictures lately? These went back through my senior year of high school (the older pictures are on my parent's computers) and it was crazy how much things have changed! I was sad though - I had pictures from college up to my Junior year, but neither my senior nor super-senior year were saved, and the Morocco trip was lost as well. Also all our dating/wedding/honeymoon pictures except the professional ones (which were on a disc, thankfully!) were gone.

I still get choked up about my stolen computer--not the money really it's just all those pictures. There's something very personal about my laptop, I mean, it acts as my diary, my file cabinet, and my scrapbook...and I only want people poking around in it when and where invited. Perhaps that seems silly in an information sharing age (and generation) but I like to have my privacy! I should've backed them up, but then, the computer wasn't even two years old (a lot happened in two years!) and in perfect condition. I know better now!

Just some thoughts on this Monday. :) The picture above is one I discovered from way back when I had two completely different kitties.

Anyhow, I have a fun little springy DIY this week and some other goodies, so stay tuned through Friday!



Pinon Coffee said...

I love the picture. Sniff. Time is weird - I feel like if I went back, Tex and Lilly would still be there by the door, exactly like that.

'Course, I have a half a feeling that the apricot trees out back at church are still there too. Happily, in the REAL Narnia, no good thing is ever torn down.

Marianne said...

Just the other day I was thinking about your lost pictures. It is a very sad thing. Maybe it can help cement the memories in your head from that time all the more? Reminds me of The Great Good Thing; have you ever read it?

Kyte said...

I haven't read it! I'll have to look for it. Providentially, I printed out more pictures in that two years than I ever had before or since - so I actually have hard copies of a lot of stuff! Praise the Lord, eh?

Yes yes, Freddy! I was thinking just that same thing. Somehow Neffy and Tex and Lilly will all be happily sharing the same house in the Real Narnia. And we'll climb apricot trees that are still the new sanctuary? Curious!