Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Who dey...

...think they gonna beat them Bengals?" Cincinnati Bengals Fear Da Tiger Song

As promised...

Baby Bangals Fan set from

This is the set of baby things that my sweet husband couldn't WAIT to purchase for our baby. I cleverly encouraged him to get a larger size so it would last longer...and so it couldn't be the coming home from the hospital outfit. Because while I completely support the football thing, I have my limits.

And yeah, I kind of feel like a redneck.

But hey, I mean, even if it's a girl, just add a big ol' black bow and hairband, this could be kind of cute, right? Right?

I'll get him back, though. I'm going to get some of these, haha. And if the Broncos sign on Peyton Manning...I may just get a jersey too. ;)


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the pink pixie said...

Oh dear. ^.^