Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"My darlin' angel eyes...

...pretty pretty pretty little angel eyes." Pretty Little Angel Eyes by Curtis Lee.

Nurseries are on my mind these days...

Photos from houzz.com

We're working on our nursery, and I'm super excited about it. so far we have cleaned it out almost completely (I still have to find a place for all my event decorating gear). Our baby collection so far includes: a rocking chair (inherited), two plain white onesies (for me to sharpie art), a pair of baby booties and a Wubbanub (thanks dad!). And my sweet husband has ordered a special "outfit" for baby that I'll feature later this week. It's that special, it gets it's own post. :P

We're waiting on furniture because, well frankly, I love one-of-a-kind finds, and we're lucky enough to live within miles of the World's Longest Yard Sale (coming up in August) and I hope to peruse there before I settle for the Target or Walmart or Ikea cribs and dressers that I know will still be available come August. But I hope to find some delightful (inexpensive) things at the yard sale.

But I discovered Houzz, an amazing site that's extremely addictive, full of pictures for doing up your house! And it's neat - they have furniture tagged so you know where it came from and how much it cost, and paint colors and brands listed...it's very fun. And I've been spending a fair amount of my sick time perusing for ideas of how to do up our baby's room. Once we figure out if it's a boy or girl, of course. :)


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