Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Maybe I'm just a pilgrim who is trying to make sense of you now...

...pray the wind will take me where the space meets up with time." How The West Was Won by Katie Herzig.

It's been so pretty outside lately we've been spending a good part of the day on our balcony, enjoying the warm weather and the goings on of all the neighbors. I feel like Jeff from Rear Window sometimes,  calling the police when one of the more notorious deadbeats arrives at one of the unsavory addresses across the hill. It's all very exciting. I've only ever seen them arrest one person.

Pineapple and Cherry Juice...and a cherry on top.
Today my sweet husband made me a delicious "mocktail" to perk me up. Didn't he do amazingly with the garnish? What a sweetie.

Speaking of garnish, I know I've raved about this site before, but I am in love with The Garnish Blog and all their little pretties. I want my life to be full of garnish! It's the little things that make it special!

Asian Persuasion Fever - Bamboo Serving Pieces 
"Say What?!" - Wooden Disposable Cutlery with Stamped Messages

Sippy-De-Do-Dah - Paper Straws

How cute are all these things? Little things like that add so much to the presentation of goodies. I wonder when we'll feel up to having a party next...


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