Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"So put your voice up to the test...

...sing 'Lord, come soon,' oh, yes." Farther Along by Josh Garrells. (Btw, this is one of Ryan's and my favorite songs just now. It's a very unique sound, with really lovely lyrics, if you want to give it a try.)

Hello lovelies! Today is a style feature! I want to show you my favorite trend (and sweater!) and then a new fashion board. And in case you aren't excited ENOUGH for the rest of the week...we're going to have a special treat on Thursday with a guest feature by the Pink Pixie! I can't wait!

Before we go on, may I just say one thing? I'm not one to let fashion dictate my style. I think that every pair of jeans I own ought to be my favorite pair, or else I don't want them. I don't plan on buying, wearing, or trailing a trend that doesn't flatter ME. And I think you should do the same. Except, obviously, with yourself as the defining factor. Because what do haute-couture NYC designers know about you? Nothing. They know about models who are stick-thin with poofy lips, and if that's you, great, but if not...and for most of us it's not...take what you like and ignore the rest.

There. Now back to the trends.

So, a trend in fashion that blew up on the catwalk last spring was Color-Blocking (solid-contrasting colors worn together). Eventually, through the summer and into the fall and winter, we started to see mainstream designs (you know, for those of us who can't afford $2,000 designer sundresses) with color-color blocking and the geometric design trend. (Though that's not the trend I'm most excited to see coming up this summer from fashion week!)

So, yes.

This is my favorite sweater.

Sparrow A-Symetrical Sling Sweater
with color-blocking from Anthropologie.com
I love how random and a-symmetrical it is. My goal for this spring is to find a perfect pin for the shoulder (here I've just got a safety pin, which is lame). I got this on my way back from NM last summer to wear in the plane. It is glorious. And if you don't want the intentional pinned look, you can wear it loose, or tucked into your belt, or whipped around your neck like a scarf. Deliciously versatile!

And now, a handy style board for the up-and-coming professional lady. Conservative enough to be taken seriously, but interesting enough to keep you from imbibing in too much coffee.

 Much love!

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