Saturday, January 07, 2012

"May their table be blessed with laughter and with grace...

...and by the comfort of kinship be surprised." Prayer for Home by Fernando Ortega.

Hello, lovelies!

Irony's "Happy Christmas" face.

I apologize for the crazy and random absences - as I said earlier, what with family and friends visiting during the holidays (and continuing surprise visits of dear friends!) I haven't had a moment to catch up. I literally checked my email today for the first time in DAYS. Do you realize how rare it is that I go a day without it? But due to the high demand of the computer and the various duties and joys of was low on my list of things to do. And even now, as you see, I find my first time to do this at...2am.

So, for what's left of the weekend, here's some Linkage Trivia!

Funny and Unbelievable Celebrity Yearbook Photos 
J. R. R. Tolkien's 120th Birthday was last week
The Obliteration Room
I adore these little leaf ties.
40 foods that apparently everyone who lives in DC should try.

Have a lovely weekend! Hopefully next week will find us back on track for DIYs, all the photos I've promised you, linkage trivia, and of course...Irony.


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