Thursday, January 26, 2012

"It ain't no surprise...

...sparks start flying like the fourth of July." Firecracker by Josh Turner.

I just saw the FUNNIEST thing. WHERE IS MY CAMERA??????!

You see the chair Izzy is sitting next to, here? Yes. Well, Izzy and Irony have been tussling all morning. (Well, there was a few-hour period of time where Izzy was locked downstairs after he woke up my poor husband by rattling the blinds one too many times and Irony had a chance to enjoy exclusive cuddle time. Which she did, bless her.)

Anyways, Izzy was sitting behind the chair teasing Irony, who was sitting in that chair. She was trying to nap, and he would grab her tail and nip at it. She kept turning around, and around, and sitting on her tail, but he kept finding a little bit to nip. Finally, she jumped down, and Izzy, who was still following the tail, jumped up and over to follow.

Except that his hips didn't quite fit through the slats in the chair, so he was left scrabbling, half-on and half off the chiar, legs asplay. Irony, now just out of reach, turned to watch the show as he tried to free himself from his highly undignified perch.

Oh, me.

The smug look on her face was priceless. (My sweetie was getting cream for my coffee in the background. He is too sweet.)

Hope you have a fun-filled day! 

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