Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"I wonder-wonder (boom-ba-doo-doo)...

...who wrote the book of love?" Book Of Love by The Monotones. (Maybe not technically  Christmas song, but I always think it is...)

So, friends, fun DIY today!!! I got a thesaurus at the Dollar Store and it has given me a whole plethora of fun little ornaments and decorations. All just made with various shaped scissors, hole punches, and simple tacky glue (and rhinestones).

I just wanted to add a little more festivity to my house before all the relatives get here this weekend! (YAY!) My decorations were nice, but I felt like they were so limited...no more!

Made with pigment ink and letter stamps on my circle pieces of paper. 

Pretties! I love the texture they add to the boring wall. 
Varied lengths to give more dimension.

Layered squares, cut with wave scissors, glued together abstractly with rhinestones.

Inspired by this etsy ornament, 

Simple paper snowflake.

Gift tags galore. :) 

Get yourselves a cheap book to destroy and go crazy!

Much love <3


Marianne said...

Fabulous ideas!

Kyte said...

<3 Miss you!