Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"It came upon a midnight clear...

...that glorious song of old." It Came Upon A Midnight Clear by Mahalia Jackson.

Hello lovelies!

I got an interesting question from a reader the other day - by the way, thank you all for reading my little blog! I am so delighted to be followed amidst so many delightful blogs and other distractions. I am super honored by your attention!

Anyway, this reader mentioned to me that she was sometimes confused by my attributions of music/lyrics which head every entry. Sometimes they go with the topic, sometimes they are songs by a lot of different people but I choose one particular rendition (like today's) and sometimes they're just random and obscure. There really is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. I usually write about what's going on in my life, and I have always had a philosophy about life that it should be accompanied by a soundtrack. Hense, what I listen to usually goes with whatever is going on in my life, or just how I feel. You get a little snippet of that in my song of the day. :) Think of it as "what's on my stereo right now," if you would. And now you know.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, my sister, niece, and brother-in-law came for Thanksgiving, and we made coasters! It was so much fun! Assuming you already have ModPodge, they are probably the cheapest coasters you can get! So cute and fun to make!

The tools we used were Gloss Mod Podge, Sealant,
4x4" Tiles, Anthro Catalogue, Webster's Dictionary, felt pads
"wand'er (won-) v.i. roam; ramble; deviate
from one's path, be delirious. [OE. wandrian]
wanderlust n. travel urge. [Ger.]"

"march n. border or frontier. -v.i. border. [F.
marche] march v.i. walk wit a military step;
start on a march; go. -v.t. cause to march or
go. -n. action of marching; distance marched
in a day; tune to accompany marching. [F.
marcher, walk]"

"adven'ture n. remarkable happening;
enterprise; risk; bold exploit; commercial
speculation. -v.t. and i. risk; take a risk.
-adventurer n. masc. [F. aventure]"

"strut v.i.  walk affectedly or pompously. -n.
such gait. -strut'ting n. and a. [OE. strutian, stick out stiffly]
strug n. rigid support, usually sest obliquely.
-v.t. set with struts. [orig. uncertain]"

In use! <3

So as you can see, easy-peasy! I also left some wrinkles in mine and sanded the tops between the final layer of ModPodge and sealant to give it a little pre-worn and vintage look--I was so pleased with the result! Stocking stuffer idea!

Irony is ready to help!

Much love!

P.S. My continuing wishlist: Little Hardside Camera Case to keep my new pride-and-joy safe in style!

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Marianne said...

They came out really cute!