Monday, October 03, 2011

"You must have been a beautiful baby...

...cuz baby, look at you now!" You Have Been a Beautiful Baby by Bing Crosby.

Hello, lovelies!

Remember that tea party/baby shower I did recently? As a part of that, a friend came over and helped me make cake pops! It was super fun - and though ours did not turn out like Bakerella's, they were still cute and oh-so-tasty!

Besides that, we also made pennants out of paper doilies to make it even girlier and fancier.

Chocolate-dipped pops, not decorated yet.
Pretty icing-drizzled pops.  
Pink and blue (because the parent's aren't "peeking" to see if it's a boy or girl!)
White-chocolate dipped pops.
Irony holding the doily-pennants for me.
Irony loves helping with decorations. 

The doily pennants are so ridiculously easy and cheap - I bought packages of 40 at the dollar store (for $1) both round and square. You can do every other, or as I did, one string of round and one of square and then I hung them complimentarily to each other. Slice each doily in half, then string or tape it on. I used a large needle and crochet thread and did a sort of long running stitch through the doilies pre-cut holes because I wasn't sure if I'd need to add more on or have some string with no doily to run behind things, etc, and that way I could slide the doilies along like beads on the string. Either way, taping it will ensure the doilies don't buckle with gravity or air conditioning. Hang your new pretty party decoration, and voila! (I would love to try this with bright colored doilies for Cinco de Mayo or some other mexican-themed party!)

Much love!

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