Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...doin' that thing you do." That Thing You Do by The Wonders

Another result of my not-too-far-in-the-past trip to the homeland was to celebrate my momma's birthday! You know how it is--mom always puts on the birthdays, and then her birthday is a little bit...flat. Dull. Unimpressive. It's hard to come up with something at the last minute, and somehow it always IS the last minute by the time you think about it. 

Not this year, Momma! 

So my sister and I got to go out to visit, and we scheduled to be there for her birthday this year, and I brought a few little surprises with me...

Baked the  cake there, obviously, brought the tiny decor. (my photo)

Yellow cake with chocolate, YUM!? (my photo) 
Decorations that fit in my carry-on (my photo)

Happy Birthday, Mom! (my photo)

Also, a warning...when you have a cute little paper banner on someone's birthday cake...when you light the candles carry the cake to the birthday girl, note that the paper will follow the breeze and might then hang directly over one of the candles, and then it might catch on fire...yeah. It was an exciting birthday! (The cake was fine, my banner looked like it'd been through the French Revolution!)

A few more posts on the trip to the homeland to come. :) It was short, but we packed in some good photo-ops!


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Anonymous said...

lol. At least it didn't ruin the cake. That's the good part, although I did think your banner was cute. :)