Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"You're the color of a sideways look...

...from an undercover cop in a comic book." 40 Dogs (like Romeo and Juliet) by Bob Schneider.

So, a lot has happened.

My laptop has been stolen--someone broke into my friend's care and stole her purse (which was empty of her wallet, thankfully) and found my laptop under the seat and stole that too. It's a huge bummer, not only for the cost of a new laptop, but especially because it had all my pictures from my senior year forward, all my art and writing projects, my work, and our honeymoon and first year pictures. Some was backed up, some wasn't (anything since I met Ryan wasn't) and, of course, all my music. I'm just sick over it.

The good news is, Ryan replaced (with the help of Gem and Sterling, our VERY sweet friends) my computer with a lovely, shiny new one. It's just gorgeous, but of course I'm still sad about the stuff that was on the old one. I keep finding new things that I lost--my calendar with everyone's birthdays on it, various programs, pictures and videos of Irony as a kitten...ugh.

In other news, I cut my hair, finally! I like it for now, but I think when I go in to get it trimmed I am going to cut it even shorter.

It is finally warming up here! We've been enjoying the gradual-warming of spring with our new friends, Ryan's Twin and Tara. On Sunday we had a little cookout with them on the square--it was super fun!

Speaking of Ryan's Twin--it's uncanny how much alike they are! They don't share a lot of physical characteristics (though they're both on the shorter side, and both pretty muscular) but their personalities are SO much the same! We've hung out a few times, and it's funny how often Ryan will say something and Ryan's Twin will say "Me too!" and vice versa. Tara and I are similar also--she's an absolute angel, and a Beach Body coach--she's definitely inspiring me to eat better and work out! I just love them--we always have a ton of fun whenever we get together. I'm bummed that they're going to be traveling a lot soon and we won't see them for months at a time.

The only other news of note from here is our little visitor in the laundry room. I have twice now caught a glimpse of a little critter skittering from Irony's food dish back into the laundry room. Irony has seen it once and gone after it, but it hid under the washer and she couldn't get to it. I think we have a mouse! It keeps Irony entertained, anyhow. She is very protective of her food dish.

I won't be posting many pictures for a while--unless I take them with my computer camera. My camera cord was also in the computer bag, so I have to order a replacement.

Anyhow, thanks for everyone's love and prayers! I'm still hoping to get the laptop back--I've been in touch with the police and Apple's security office, and apparently there are ways of tracking computers that, with Ryan's help, we can utilize. :)



~Holly said...

So sorry about the computer, Ems!!:( I'll email you relevant pictures from the last few years I have on mine...
Your hair is adorable and reminds me I'm due for a cut. We must catch up, btw. I have a story to tell you. <3

Marianne said...

Argh! So frustrating - so sorry! But I agree, your haircut is adorable. :)