Sunday, February 20, 2011

"And I've got my heart set on what happens next...

...I've got my eyes wide; it's not over yet." This Is Home by Switchfoot

It's so busy here! We just got back from a week of inservice training for Ry, while I got to work out of my Starbuck's back in Lexington and shop my little heart out in all those lovely stores. :) It was fun to visit, plus I got to see one of my dear friends--you all remember Song? We met at this darling little frozen yogurt place called Orange Leaf. It was super fun--you get your own frozen yogurt out of spigots lining the walls, then you add toppings from the toppings bar, and they weigh it and charge you (reasonably) accordingly! It was marvelous, and so much fun to see her! I was bummed not to see my other dear friend from that era, my former neighbor. Our schedules were stupid and did not match up, but next time we will make it work.

Besides our week away, we've both got work to do (for me, that includes an extra little side project that I hope-hope-hope is going to work out!) as well as my wedding planning for my friend Cherry-Fairy here. She and her sweet fiance's family have all allowed me to be involved in the wedding planning, which I love! Perhaps some pictures will be forthcoming. However, as always, this means there are lots of things to do always!

Beyond that, we've got our Bible studies to keep us busy (we had massive catch-up day today from our week away) and I have a mountain of laundry that is calling my name.

But first, sweet Ry story. Gentlemen, be inspired:

I was an emotional puddle of goo last night, for no apparent reason (do I need a reason?). I was freaking out about how much I had to get done, and I wanted to vacuum so badly (it had been a while) and I hadn't cooked for a week because we'd been gone and I felt like a failure of a wife and human. Ry was so sweet--not only did he vacuum the house and grocery shop for me, but he even made dinner by grilling steaks and making mashed potatoes and asparagus (seriously gourmet) and scrubbed spots off the carpet. He is an angel. I am so spoiled!

So yes. God is good, and Ry is my very favorite, forever.



MaMaw said...

what a great guy he is!
I wonder where he learned that? : )
thanks for sharing!
Love and miss you both!

Song said...

Aww, friend, I was so happy to spend time with you too!! You must make another visit here so we can eat yummy healthy frozen yogurt and catch up some more. Love ya and miss ya!