Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The sun is rising and I think that's good...

...just now realizing some things you never thought you would." Love The World You Find by The Flaming Lips

Speaking of good, the Cafe on the Square, which is my new favorite hang-out and place to work (since McDonalds, though totally awesome in its own way, is full of creepy people) has won me over completely for this reason:

Yes, that's a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip scone with whipped cream!!!! One of the things that's been a gaping hole in missing home, silly though it is, was the chocolate almond scones from the Coffee Boothe in Los Alamos, and the refillable coffee, and warm, cozy atmosphere, and running into everyone I know...and now I have a little taste of that. And is the whipped cream not a stroke of genius? My coffee-man today just heated up my scone, paused, and dolloped it on there, and handed it to me saying, "I just thought of that. Tell me if it's any good!"

Ha. It's good. Is whipped cream ever NOT good?!?!?!?! Maybe on, like, a hot dog!

But the scone is good on its own, light and fluffy and deliciously fresh. I can live here.

That's where I am these days! Now I just need to make friends so I can run into them at the coffeeshop--though the truth is, most of the people I have met are the people here in the shop (though I haven't learned names yet :/) or at Betty's OK Country Cookin', where my waitress buddy, Sweet-Pea, works. She's got an adorable two-year-old, and I ran into them at Walmart and had a little visit yesterday--that's the sign of true friendship, right?

And now, a little shout-out to Gem, who's celebrating her birthday today!!!! I got to give her first gift of the day, a little mani-pedi set to ward off the "black foot" from the Dreamland's ancient carpeting. :) Happy Birthday, Gem!

Soon (hopefully today) I'll post to let ya'll know what's up with our house-hunt. We've got a pretty sure place, so you'll hear all about it soon! Thanks for your prayers, it's helped a ton!


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