Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Gonna take a sentimental journey...

...gonna set my heart at ease." Sentimental Journey by Ella Fitzgerald

Found this lovely interview with Katherine Hepburn from 1979. Listen and learn. She is such my hero. :)

My favorite quotes from the interview:

"I feel like a bore--and then I think, my gosh, they're going to find out what a bore I am, and then that will be a terrible thing."

What would she have done if she hadn't been an actress?

"I'd never thought. I would've tormented some man, I suppose, and had about eight children, and tormented them."

In other news, a man just came into the coffee shop where I am and had a conversation with the lady behind the counter, and it was the strangest thing. He answered all her questions before she asked them.

"Good, thanks."
How are you doing?
"Just coffee."
What can I get for you?
What size?
"Thanks, you too."
Have a good day!

It must have been rehearsed...right?

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