Friday, August 13, 2010

"Keep the worried world far away and small...

...when they return, may quiet fill their souls; dearest Lord, keep them safe within its walls." Prayer for Home by Fernando Ortega

Three amazing Fernando Ortega Songs:

Oh, how I miss my family.

My precious Momma, who I can talk to and hang with constantly, and never get tired of it. We laugh, and cry, and create, and it is she who taught me how to figure out people in an intimate, loving, personal sense--a daily labor of love, for every soul you meet. She's so beautiful, and everything she touches becomes beautiful too--and she's smart, though she doesn't know it. She can shape words into such lovely stories, and she makes the most complicated situation make sense, and seem of reasonable (and conquerable) size. She taught me curiosity--a true journalist!

My darling Daddy, who is the most gentle person I know--he taught me to believe the best of people, even when they have gone so far beyond deserving it. He is wise and patient and he works so hard--he is such a self-sacrificial person--but he's also so funny! He makes the best (worst) puns of anyone I know...except possibly my brother-in-law. He is so smart--and he can make anything make sense, no matter how convoluted or mathematical it may be. And I have yet to beat him at Scrabble or Stratego, but someday I will!

My Granma and Grampa, who are so sweet and classy and have done so much. Granma taught me to cook and make things pretty. Family comes first, and time spent keeping in touch is always a worthwhile investment. Grampa, a rancher and cowboy and farmer and navyman, and detective and adventurer--and who has never said an unkind word in my hearing. They taught me true southern gentility paired with true American strength. Oh how I miss you both--how I want to be like you. How I love the land because of you, and how I want to teach my children what you taught my mom and me--and how I hope to come visit you soon!

My sweet sister, and her husband and baby. Fred is so solid and intelligent, and virtuous. She loves truth, and she reminds me that being "good" is truly elegant and fun, Because of her I can see that the sweet, simple, peaceful life really is the best. She and Balesy dance to their own tune, and it's a lovely dance, and it must be a beautiful song--I wish sometimes I could hear it. Meggles will grow up to be such a beautiful, funny, brilliant little lady. I am so proud to be her auntie. I wish I was half as good as her mother, and half as smart as her father, and I hope to be her favorite fun aunt forever.

I miss my husband, who is so strong and smart and passionate. He cares so much about honor and, whether he would use this word or not, he is so chivalrous. He's a warrior and a protector, and he makes me feel so safe. He is so patient and gentle and gracious--he works so hard, and untiringly and uncomplainingly. I even love that he cares so deeply about politics. He is fun and funny and thoughtful, and I am so proud of him. I cannot wait to see him this weekend.

I miss my debater boys and their families, especially my precious TiFi and his gorgeous wife, Gracey who blesses me more than she could ever know, and little MiniFinney, who is even now wanting to come into the world. Dear Lord, protect Gracey and MiniFinney, and give strength and encouragement and special peace to all of the family. I am so glad to have seen Bennigan and his lovely wife last week--it was such a dear time. Also be with Big Bear and Agent as they each prepare to enter into married life. Bless their marriages and allow them to learn more and more about You as they receive the blessings and hardships that come with marriage. Thank you for my time with them growing up, and oh, let them walk with You always, and their children after them.

Oh, how I miss New Mexico, with it's sweeping vistas and spicy food. The delicate colors and rugged landscape and wide, wide blue sky. I miss the crisp air and the chilly nights and the skyline that was open and filled with possibilities. I miss being able to see the stars and hear nothing but the wind and the sounds of the desert. I miss being able to look as far as I can see and see no sign of another person--except maybe the distant lights of a town up on the mountain.

I have a good life here, and I am grateful. I love it, and I love my new friends--Gem and Song--we have so much fun together. And I love this new adventure. But I am ready to be done with this adventure and in a safe, quiet place. Home. And have a little time to rest before the next adventure.

But that's now how life works, is it? Sometimes God allows it, I suppose, and I've been spoiled that way without realizing it. My adventure is not going to slow down for a few years, and certainly not now. For now it's time to begin packing up for living in another new, strange (humid) place, with new people and unknown bugs. I wish I knew where we were moving. I wish we'd been given enough time that I could've packed and house-hunted before, so I could go to Big Bear's wedding and see TiFi and Bennigan and Fred.

The rain is beginning to fall (nice touch--thank you, Lord) and my sweet husband should be home within the next ten minutes. Thank you, Lord, for putting me here, now, and help me trust You with this next step, because I'm tired.

Btw, Fernando Ortega is from New Mexico.


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