Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"I'm here without you baby...

...but you're still on my lonely mind." Here Without You by Three Doors Down

I have sad news. :( My sweet, wonderful, precious husband, who I love so very much, has accidentally taken my computer with him this week. I have his computer, which is senile, deathly slow, and has none of my music or pictures (and is unable to handle the added pressure these amenities cause) and this means that blogs this week will be rather bland, if they come at all after this. You will be forced to rely solely on my sparkling wit, and I won't be able to seduce you with clever song lyrics or shiny photos, although as soon as I do get my computer back, there are a slew of them.

In other news, stalking was particularly successful this weekend. The family reunion (at least the part I went to) was very fun, and it was so special to meet all of Ryan's relatives. I love them all, and I'm pretty sure I've just gathered some new favorite aunts and uncles. Also, water volleyball is super fun, and I am such a fan of fireworks. I've always love them, but I used to hate leaning uncomfortably on the ground trying to watch them while simultaneously fighting a crick in my neck, but now that there is someone to cuddle with, it's one of my favorites.

Oh, sweet story--I was oohing and aahing over the various fireworks, and I especially love the whitish gold ones, that just sparkle like fairy dust. I said something like that to Ry, and he pulled back and looked at me and said in a shocked voice, "Well, fireworks are fairies being born--didn't you know that?" I laughed and said no, I'd never heard that. "Huh," he settled back down, "I would've thought you of all people would have know that."

I love him.

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