Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"I wonder where you are...

...and I wonder what you do." Hello by Lionel Richie

Well, Gem and I had a good adventure the other night. :) We officially became creepy stalkers. Don't worry--we were only stalking our husbands, so it's all right. And they knew we were there, so maybe it's not quite as stalkerish as it could be. (Picture of me, being a stalker)

We went out to watch they guys doing exercises behind the building, and then we watched them go on about an eight mile run at 11 at night. It was crazy. Gem and I sat in her car with binoculars and a camera and just watched them, trying to see our boys for almost four hours. We ended up glimpsing them for about thirty seconds as they ran around the building, and then for perhaps a few seconds longer as we watched them run by while we were washing the windshield at the gas station. They saw us too, which was great. :) (Picture of Gem, being a stalker)

Before you tell me this is totally lame, please consider the situation. If YOU are ever a newlywed in a new city with no one you know and 23 hours from your family with no TV or internet and only get to see your husband once a week for less than 40 hours and only get one phone call a week for 5 minutes, you may then criticize my stalking. :P

While we're on the subject, the count at this point is: married 87 days; seen him on 36 days (that is including partial days--he's only home one full day per week).

Not to complain, though--I'm actually doing very well. But this does explain why stalking my husband is such a thrill. :) Gem and I are trying to find a mid-week activity that will energize us that much--we got home at midnight and we were on such an adrenaline high! The rest of the week is quite a drag in comparison.

In our attempt to cheer ourselves up, we went last night with another friend of Gem's and got cupcakes at Gigi's! We also took some over to Gem's sister-in-law and niece. It was super-fun to watch her niece down all that sugar. And as we left to walk off the sugar high (4 miles!) we waved goodbye to her other niece, who is also a doll. :) (Gem, her friend, and me eating cupcakes respectively. Gem's niece downing hers, then Gem's other niece waving goodbye)

Oh, and I've made another apron. (For those of you who've requested patterns, etc, I haven't forgotten! I'm working on it. :) (Front and back)

Finally, Irony is on a drama kick.

"He has a lean and hungry look about him."

"I am dead, Horatio!"



Pinon Coffee said...

I just told Meg that her Aunt Emily is so adorable. And I meant it, too. :-)

the pink pixie said...

I <3 Irony and I <3 you and I <3 your adorable aprons!

Anonymous said...

that apron is DARLING!!!