Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Cuz I'm a blonde...

...don't you wish you were me?" Cuz I'm Blonde by Julie Brown.

I reached new depths of ditziness today. I managed to put both my contacts in one eye, and then for the life of me I couldn't think how I'd "lost" one of them! The worst part of this is...they're hard contacts, so they're quite thick, and you'd think I'd notice!
In other news, I went for a sixties look today. The wrap headband is vintage; I inherited it from my great-aunt Frankie, who I am delighted to continually discover was something of a fashionista. She has the cutest little accessories from the fifties and sixties, and she also has a marvelous collection of costume and fashion jewelry. I LOVE them. Honestly, I think my dream job would be...hmm, not designing jewelry, probably, nor selling it...advertising it! Or modeling, I could definitely be a jewelry model. :) Aunt Frankie's stuff is gorgeous--I have several sweet little sets of gloves from her, a plethora of purses, bevies of scarves, and even a cute little hair-bow. My one big disappointment in terms of dressing like my fabulous aunt is that her feet were much smaller than sister's size, actually.

So, Fred gets all the shoes, darn it. It's ok. She wears them well.

I went to Starbucks today and had one of those cards they give you when they mess up your drink? Generally I don't spring for anything more expensive than a chai latte (usually just coffee, actually) but today, with my free drink, I got a chai frappuccino. It is delicious. It tastes like...creamy exotic goodness. With whipped cream. :)
So I got news from that job I was Very Excited About--and they found someone else, so nevermind. Back to no exciting options, but at least there are SOME options, even if they aren't exciting. I must admit, I'm very disappointed. It was too good to be true, of course.

Other than these little things, the only things happening are:
  • Irony has discovered Doritos, and she is a fan.
  • It is raining.
  • Our bananas are looking tired, which means we'll be having banana bread this weekend.
Oh, and my book is coming along...not exactly at top speed, but at least words are being typed at regular intervals. I'm rather excited about it. The plot is evading complete resolution in my mind, but the characters are carrying it pretty well so far, and I know what has to happen, just I'm not clear on how...but I know my little people will work it out.

Anyhow, that's all the news from here!


~Locke~ said...

Been loving the posts, please keep going!


Pinon Coffee said...

You're right, she does have darling taste in accessories. I want to be as timeless and classy as Aunt Frankie. :-)

I was so sad because a pair of her shoes bit the dust this spring! I was walking around church - CHURCH mind you, nothing crazy - and the heel-end just disappeared, leaving an evil screw sticking out. I hunted and couldn't find the missing part anywhere. Then a little later, the other shoe lost its heel-end in Panera, also never to be seen again. Very sad, indeed!

However, I am preserving her drinking glasses by hiding them on the top shelf and using plastic until Meggie is old enough to be trusted with such treasures.

Cocoa said...

Hahaha! Welcome to the world of blondness girly! ;)
We must talk soon! <3