Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"It takes the night.. get the dawn." Life Is Wonderful by Jason Mraz

I only have a moment before I get to go meet Ryan's roommate's wife (it's complicated) for dinner, so I will be brief.

Everything is going well, if slowly. I have a job offer to be an insurance agent, though I am struggling to decide if this is God's provision for us or if this is God saying, "Trust Me, We can do better than this..."

There are some complications to taking this job that make me hesitate, but it hypothetically would make lots of money, and there is nothing else I can see in the immediately foreseeable future. (And admittedly, any money looks like a lot next to nothing. But this is actually quite a lot of possible money, depending...which is something I never thought I would be offered.)

A few dreams of mine have been floating to the surface and sunning themselves in the light of day (not that we've had any sunshine this week...all clouds and wind) so I am torn. I have to decide by Monday on this job, so at least I won't be torn for long. I anticipate Ryan having lots of opinions, especially once he hears all the little niggly details (up-front costs, working on Saturdays...) so I think this decision, at least, will be made somewhat for me. I am not feeling particularly passionate for or against, it's the inconvenience that is bothering me, the job would be...just a job. Nothing I would particularly hate, though I don't think I'd especially like it. The people seem nice enough.

In other news., there have been no bugs for TWO WEEKS. I am becoming quite fond of the house, since I seem to have won the territorial battle. What is it Proverbs says? "Bad bad, says the buyer, but when he goes his way he boasts?" Yeah. I am hoping our sweet landlord might change his mind about the me-having-a-kitten would make all the difference in the world in this loneliness problem. I forced Ryan to come with me to Petsmart on Saturday, and we found a plethora of darling little candidates, and I want all of them. I cried. They are so precious--and these weren't even tiny kittens! These were fully-grown cats! Imagine what a state I'll be in next week when they get in actual kittens!

Yes, loneliness. Though that too has been better. Some very sweet girls from church have been having me to little communal dinners lately, and I'm growing quite fond of them. They are all dear, and all in different places--one married, one engaged, two still in college--and it's fun to just be around people sometimes. (Picture of me amusing myself with my camera.)
And now I have to go to meet my other "academy widow". I am excited. :)

Much love, and thanks for your prayers!

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