Friday, March 12, 2010

"I'm so glad I've found you...

...I love being around you." 1-2-3-4 by Plain White Ts.

Aiieeeeeee! It's only 15 days away! I am having trouble realizing this is real--it doesn't FEEL like I'm getting married, moving to KY--gracious!

I haven't posted a playlist or my recent work lately. :P It's been mostly thank-yous and guestlists, but yesterday I broke out of the "office work" and cleaned our whole house! It was a full, tiring day, but also very nice to get active again and see visible improvement, instead of feeling like I'm just running around in circles!

Today I have figured out all the little details for favors! They are turning out so cute, I must share with you. :P The final version will be blue cardstock (for practicing I just used white printer paper).
They are little matchboxes but instead of matches inside...

...we'll have forget-me-not seeds! I found this idea in the latest Martha Stewart Wedding. They are so much fun! I was excited to have another excuse to use my little "Ryan and Emily" wordart, and to tie in a little more of the spring theme! Also vintage--because how deliciously old-school are little personalized matchbooks?! Outside is our name and on the back a "thank you for coming" and the wedding date, then inside are directions for planting the flowers. :)

Also, I wanted to share a few of the fun pieces we'll be using "around" the wedding. :)

There'll be crazy disguises...
(though I'm not sure who we'll be hiding from!)
A very lovely birdhouse, in exactly the right colors.
A sample of the 220 flutterbyes that my girl friend, Cocoa and I spent 2 hours cutting out out Starbucks this week (to scatter around in various decorative purposes).
And, of course, a NM party staple--a festive pinata! Momma found this little guy at the grocery store near my Grandparents, and he charmed his way into the plans!

And now for my current 15-days-away playlist:

1-2-3-4 by Plain White Ts (Cuz' it's true!)

Perfect Day by Hoku (from Legally Blonde.)

This is Home by Switchfoot (I watched the Narnia movies while I worked on bridesmaid gifts.)

Keep Holding On by Avril Lavign (I also watched Eragon.)

First by Lindsay Lohan (it's a bitter girl song, which I'm not, but it has a great sound!)

Walking on Sunshine by Ali & A.J. (one of my themes forever--and now it's true!)

Finally, of course, Nefret has been helping with everything. >^..^<

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