Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"You're reading all them high fashion magazines...

...the clothes you're wearing, girl, are causing public scenes!" Not Your Stepping Stone, by the Monkees.

My sister and I went to downtown today and looked at all those extremely impractical high-priced stores, of which this town has many. Five awesome (?!) things we found but decided were not something we needed in our immediate lives were:
  • Leather leggings for 6-9 month old.
  • Cashmere onesies for 3-6 month old.
  • Marie Antoinette action figure with ejecting head and removable wig.
  • Sequin encrusted shield with the brand name, "The Great Pretender".
  • Book entitled, "Feminism, Race, And The Origins Of Existentialism."
However. We did purchase one (1) a beret for me, black, and two (2) christmas presents to be revealed later. And we got to enjoy all the incroyable outfits and chic people in downtown. And it was raining, so the unkempt and artistic-cum-emo-cum-mussed atmosphere was simply too, too appropriee.

So then I had a little haute couture photo shoot, featuring the new black beret.

Note the artistic slouch and very serious face.

You know how these high fashion people are. Impractical clothes you couldn't imagine wearing in public, weird makeup and hair, crazy hats and accessories and jewel encrusted shirts you would never buy (cough cough--unless they were only $2 on clearance and were so hideous you couldn't say no!!! ;)

So yes, this made my rainy drizzly evening after Fred left quite worthwhile. I definitely think I could do adverts for Vogue. And yet here I am, publishing it for the world to see for free, while someone, somewhere is being paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to do this. :P

Isn't it ironic?


MagistraCarminum said...

You make me laugh out loud. And even haut-coture, you are quite a beautiful young lady!

Pinon Coffee said...

That shopping was so much fun!

Not just leather leggings - weren't they LEOPARD-SPOTTED teeny leather leggings?

I'd forgotten about that book. I still feel an amazing sense of satisfaction about not buying it...