Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Oh I got my heart set...

...on what happens next." This is Home, Switchfoot.

O, how good it is to be home! How marvelous to feel the desert/mountain air, to see people I know wherever I go, and to have my own pretty little blue room, with all my things put where I like them, and endless possibilities spread out around me in every direction. Yum!

And speaking of yum, since I have TIME for the first time in five years...or longer...I made up something for lunch! I feel full to the bursting with creativity, and now with my yummy lunch. I will share with you, because it really did turn out marvelously well. 

I used honey wheat bread, spread cream cheese on both slices, and raspberry jam on one side, then put a layer of alfalfa sprouts, a layer of sliced cucumbers, and two slices of crispy bacon. Garnished with fresh raspberries and with watermelon as a side...I feel absolutely spoiled!

And it was pretty too. 

I am going to enjoy my "summer off" as much as possible before I hit "real life" this fall, and have to actually grow up. Thanks to Momma and Daddy for letting me just rest one last summer. 


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MagistraCarminum said...

Can't wait to get home and give you a hug! We are in Tucson with Tm and Nikki, and come back on Monday. Welcome home!