Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"He's so fine...

...wish he were mine." He's So Fine, by the Chiffons.

My latest favorite slang (in no particular order, and I know it's not all new. :P): 

Fit (adj.): attractive, becoming. (As in, "wow, Jane looks super-fit in that dress," or "Andrew is fit.") See also, Fine.

Fine (adj.): distractingly attractive, devastating. A less suggestive way to say "hot." (As in, "He's so fine.")

Ganky (adj.): ugly, repulsive. (As in, "Billy looks ganky in puce.")

Smoosh (v): sitting very close to someone for flirtatious purposes. (As in, "Alice and Daniel were smooshing during Physics.")

Hoobi-toob, hoobi-toobi (n, adj): a holier-than-thou person or a snob. (As in, "Don't be a hoobi-toob," or "stop acting all hoobi-toobi.")

Ditty-bop (n): a ditzy or somewhat one-dimensional person. (As in, "like, omg, Tom always goes for the ditty-bop.")

Grumps (n): a state of displeasure resembling a disease. (As in, "I've got the grumps.")

Lurv (n): love or fondness, usually not used within a sentence. (As in, "See you later. Lurv!")

Srsly (adv): seriously, for real. Usually a quantifier. (As in, "Don't mess with Jordan. Srsly.")

Sigh...the irony. *Lurv!*

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LOL! I especially like the photo!

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