Sunday, August 31, 2008

"This time around... can be anyone." Io (This Time Around), by Helen Stellar

So my time at PHC is coming full circle. I lived in D2 my first year, and appears I am to live out my final year in D2 also, with D1 being my primary (school) residence for the interim. I loved D1 while I was there, but now, as I'm beginning to get used to this dorm again--which is a bit further walk from the main part of campus--I am finding some aspects I really like. There seems to be a feeling of peace just beyond D1. I never realized, probably because I always stopped at D1, that there is a hectic feeling in the air between Founders and Red Hill that doesn't fade until you've gotten beyond that final turn off to Town Hall and you begin to approach the door of D2. Curious.

I find that especially encouraging as I have been unbelievably busy this first week--and it's only the first week (of classes)! What with auditions, class, work, RA stuff, and just all the other millions of things that it takes to exist here, I haven't had a moment to breathe.

So here I am. Phew.

But it's been awfully good to see everyone, as we all came trickling back and began this life together for another year. Some things about college life are just marvelous--like the fact that there is always fun happening somewhere, all the time--and some parts are just unfortunate--like the need to study when there are funner things going on. But thankfully my classes are all delicious.

I am taking 18 credits, with two SI classes, both of which get me to read lots of current events and books that analyse recent events. It's interesting to get to see a sort of more international viewpoint of the things that I read in the news and perhaps only briefly contemplated. The effects these issues had on world politics is fascinating. America's responses are interesting--sometimes inscrutable. Why do we do the things we do? Even some of these people who make a living off knowing such things find it hard to explain. Oh, they would never admit they don't understand it, but they don't fool me.

Another class I am taking is Music History and Appreciation. On the one hand, I'm really delighted about this class. On the other hand, I'm already lost. I love music, I love listening to it, but over-analysis of what makes music sound just so seems to take away from the enjoyment of it. The moment I learn the mechanics, I lose the mystery, and there is something just delightful about listening to someone else's genius and having not the least little idea of how they made the notes jump and dance like that. Perhaps I will grow to love this class more, but at the moment I'm lost in a sea of terms that seem very similar and nebulous--things about the texture and contour and range. As I say, it will probably grow on me.

I'm also taking The History of Islam, which is too, too fascinating. I took notes by hand this week and filled 17 pages of handwritten notes--simply cramming as much as I good from the wonderful lecture. I have never had three hours go by so quickly--the professor just told us the basic story of Mohammed's life, and various theories about epilepsy and other such musings about some of the more curious tidbits in that story. Most interesting.

Finally (except for a research-and-writing project), I'm taking Film. It's--well, the best word I can think of is mumtazz, which is Arabic for "Fabulous!" We watched some of Edison and the Lumiere brother's silent films which were simply adorable. I am so impressed with film as a medium of communicating ideas. It seems so silly, in a way, yet it does strike so very much deeper than I think we often realize. I think of Wall-E, a silly story about a futuristic robot, yet the messages in that movie about relationships and values were poignant and clear.

I am unfortunately unable to study as much as I would like to for each class because of the play. We're doing Arsenic and Old Lace this year, and if last week was any indication, I'm going to be so busy with that, it won't be funny. I mean, it'll be hilarious, but I'll be shockingly, woefully busy. But I tried to use my time wisely, and I even didn't go to a dance to get more reading done and to go to bed earlier. I did get more reading done, but I didn't really get more sleep--perhaps a few hours. I'm looking forward to the play. We're still working on finalizing the cast (which was VERY difficult, because there are so many talented people here!) I am absolutely agonizing over it. I just wish EVERYONE could be Cary Grant, and Boris Karloff, and all the rest!

At any rate, life goes on, and I think school will be great this time around...

Isn't it ironic?

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