Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"It's not what it seems...

...but it is." Timothy, Jet.

Today in class an idea came up which I had never considered before.

The professor discussed it briefly, held it up to the light for about ten seconds, then threw it out in favor of another issue which he found more interesting.

The class moved on around me, but I held back for a moment, and stooped by this discarded concept.

I reached down into the mud into which it had fallen and shook it off. It was slightly dented and battered, its once glossy sheen scratched and dusty after many years of hard work, discussion, and debate. It was not, at a glance, particularly enthralling or beautiful, yet I found it fascinating.

I turned it over and over in my mind and began to notice a well-designed framework, delicate specifications, and the way it caught the light and reflected back, impacting other ideas around it in an ever so slight, yet remarkably moving way.

By now the class was far ahead, and I had to run to catch up. I almost let the idea fall by the wayside again, back into the mud to stay or be retrieved by some other person; I didn't know. But at the last second I held onto it, and tucked it into my pocket for future consideration.

Perhaps later I too will discard this idea, but I think perhaps more gently, and after some careful consideration--because this was an idea I'd never thought of before.

Isn't it ironic?

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MagistraCarminae said...

Hi Em!
I'm awfully glad to hear from you, and think your post was both beautiful and brilliant. But I am wondering, what was the un-thought-of idea?
I am praying for you regularly, and asking the Lord to surround you with his love every day!