Monday, January 07, 2008

"Breaking up is hard to do... I know, I know that it's true." Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka.

So I woke up (too early) this morning with every intention of disengaging myself to Big Bear. His ring was nestled comfortably on my dresser (NOT my finger) and his "box of stuff" was all packed and ready to be thrown dramatically at his face.

So I left the house at 6:30am to pick up my car from the shop, 45 mintes (on a good day) from my house. It ended up taking about an hour-and-a-quarter to get there, and then the same or longer to get back because of the snow, which is even as I type this pelting down outside beautifully.

So I get home around 9, and Big Bear calls me pretty much the moment I walk in the door. "Hey," he said, "I know love is gone, but I still don't want you to die on your way down here, ok? Can we postpone the disengagement till tomorrow morning?"

"Sure," I said, being in a generous frame of mind since my car troubles seem to be all sorted out now. (Thank you, Daddy!)

Then I did go work out with my friend, and we had a lot of fun. It wasn't nearly so bad as I thought it would be. I could actually see myself getting used to something like that on a regular basis.

And then I came home to pack and eat and prepare for my busy social schedule of this afternoon. I'm thinking of calling everyone and saying that I can't come because of the snow.

It really is too cuddly today--so calm, with the snow-enforced silence outside, and the cat curled up on my bed, sleeping peacefully, and the oldies playing on my computer, and the smell of Macaroni-and-cheese wafting through the house.

I hope it doesn't delay my leaving for school though.

And I hope the disengagement goes smoothly tomorrow.

I love snow.

Isn't life ironic?

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You just make me laugh!