Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I can't believe it's Christmas...

...been waiting for a million hours!!!" --Can't Believe It's Christmas from The Toy that Saved Christmas, a Veggie Tales Christmas movie.

I'm such a bad blogger--I'm completely spastic and random and amb--not ambiguous, what's that word? It means you make decisions without having any real reason behind it?! That's the word. On second thought, that doesn't really apply, but oh well.

Being a bad blogger is kin to being a bad friend. It's like, "Oh, hi, remember me? I'm the one who never responds to your emails, never answers your calls, and can't ever make it to any of our chill times, but yes, I'm still your friend!" That puts you immediately in the "user" category, the type of person who only hangs out when there is nothing better to do. Perhaps being a bad blogger isn't quite the same, but still! And of course, as friends make admissions for extra busy times and uncontrollable circumstances, so, hopefully, will the readers of this blog. (I still have trouble believing you exist, though I am assured by a Reliable Source that you do. I am glad. That does make it worse, though, when I forget to write for days on end...)

Let me see, so much has happened since I last wrote...when did I last write? Let me check. Aha, Mr. Magorium.

I watched Everything is Illuminated with Fred, TiFi, and Big Bear. (We watched it at Big Bear's house, and ate chips and dip and cookies that Fred made.) It's an interesting movie, with Elijah Wood, about a Jew who goes back to Russia to see someone who helped his family escape during persecution in WWII. There is language, suicide, and sexual references, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but... it sort of makes you pause, and noticed your surroundings a bit. What I found incredibly tragic was how the people didn't seem to get to know each other at all. It was like they lived parallel, never intersecting, though they saw themselves ever day, and when they suffered, no one stepped up to help shoulder whatever burden was crushing the one, and no one had a kind word to say, or anything like that. Everyone was incredibly focused on themselves, which was part of the tragedy of the story.

I also saw Enchanted, which was cute--although I had trouble sitting through the first half because it was SO cliched. Of course, it was supposed to be, and the second half did make up for it. The two of us who went to see it walked out of the theater and a said, "Well, I'm glad I saw that, but we won't be buying it when it comes out!" and then my dad greets us with, "Oh, we saw Enchanted, and we HAVE to buy that as soon as it comes out!" It was cute, but none of this life-changing nonsense. It was precisely what it was supposed to be. A celebration of the tradition of princesses. But unfortunately, the reason I like fairy tales is because of how the original story--the original Cinderella, or the original Sleeping Beauty, (which the Disney version renders delightfully, but does leave out a few bits)--has a very untraditional story. That is why it became the tradition, because of those originals. Anything since then simply doesn't cut it. I adore the Dealing with Dragons book series for that reason. They have very untraditional stories, about nontraditional characters, and yet throughout the books they run into traditional characters and problems, and they laugh at them.

For example, Princess Cimorene finds out that her father is going to have her be kidnapped by a giant or something to make sure she gets married. She doesn't like that idea, so she runs off to find a dragon she can stay with so that she won't have to marry some boring prince. She finds a dragon, Kazul, who takes Cimorene to be her princess, and Cimorene spends most of the book trying to convince princes and knights who come to save her that she doesn't need saving and that she enjoys being a dragon's princess, thank-you-very-much. As you would imagine, the princes and knights have trouble getting their minds around this concept. Silly creatures, princes and knights.

Other than creating my own, personal philosophy of fairy tales (which I do have) I have been decorating for Christmas--our house was already done, but my room hadn't been touched, so I finally put my room decoration up yesterday--and making and sending Christmas cards (almost done!) and petting the cat, and baking cookies, and doing all the other homey things that I've missed out on the last few years at college. It's delicious. I even shoveled snow the other day! Oh yes--it snowed. I'll put up some pictures next post (if I remember.) In honor of that, I'm cutting out paper snowflakes right now. I have about 26 already done, but I'll need MUCH more than that, if I'm going to make a real, honest-to-goodness blizzard out of them.

Oh, and I bought a bunch of mistletoe. ;-)

So that's about what I've been up to.

I adore snow.

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