Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Thinkin' over...

...the things that you said." Dana Glover, Thinking Over.

Lots of food for thought this weekend while I visited all the people at school. Such a variety of opinions and viewpoints on such a tiny campus. Amazing.

Later I'll put up some pictures from the Liberty Ball. We all looked well, I thought.

I seriously need to go hide away somewhere some weekend and do some serious thinking. I don't really know what my next step should be, but I need to decide and get moving. Right now I'm letting "I dare not" wait upon "I would" like the old cat in the adage (Macbeth) and it is not a recipe for peace and happiness.

Why can we not learn to just forgive? Better yet, why can we not just learn to keep our mouths shut? By airing our preferences and opinions as truth, we are so very offensive--it's quite rude, actually. So here I am, doing precisely the same thing.

Perhaps it is important to recognize the ridiculousness of yourself before you address it in others.

How ironic...

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John said...

Hey beautiful.... LB pics anytime soon? ;-)