Monday, April 23, 2007

"I'm busy, busy, shockingly busy...

...More than a bumblebee, more than an ant." Busy, from Veggie Tales, Are you my neighbor?

My to-do list before I leave in two days:

  • Buy paint for road rash on bumper--try to match!
  • Buy fuse for windshield-washer mechanism.
  • Pack for trip.
  • Trial run outfit for dance, be sure to pack whatever goes into that.
  • Don't freak out at mom, dad, or sister for trying to be helpful.
  • Make cards for baby shower.
  • Mail overdue birthday gift I've been forgetting to mail.
  • Find and prepare host/hostess gifts.
  • Facial-Manicure-Pedicure-wish I could afford a spa...
  • Read Bible and Pray muchly.
  • Drink as much water as body will absorb.
  • Clean out car. Vacuum!
  • Do a billion situps.
  • Find out about sheets and towels--can I borrow or should I pack them?
  • Find shoes that match dress. Accessories.
  • Don't forget to go to work tomorrow.
  • Call Megan, Danae, Leah, John, Debs, Danielle, all who I promised to call weeks ago.
  • More situps, more water.
  • Write Amanda.
  • Finish Amanda's waaaay overdue Christmas present.
  • Mail Amanda's present--not from our Post Office, because the cookies I sent from there never went anywhere--I suspect they ate them.
  • I love those cookies.
  • Do more situps. Drink more water.
  • Sleep(?)
  • Put room in some semblence of order.
  • Paint & treat bumper with road rash.
  • Do whatever you do with fuses, pop it in or whatever.
  • Air up tires, gas up car, check oil and other goop under the hood.
  • Check up on three pending job applications and four education-related applications.
  • Remind sister to feed cat while away.
  • Water bamboo so I don't come home to dead bamboo.
  • Empty trash so I don't come home die from stench.
  • Placate cat with catnip so I don't come home to dead family.
  • Put up auto response on email so people don't think I am ignoring them.
  • Charge phone.
  • Pack charger.
  • Answer messages and explain that I'll be out of town for three events, two baby-sitting opportunities, a house sitting job, and a little-theatre performance.
  • Be sure my boss remembers she did give me time off.
  • Try to find that to-do list I made on Monday...

Isn't life ironic?

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