Monday, October 16, 2006

Words, words, words...

...I'm so sick of words! --Eliza, My Fair Lady.

Which reminds me, we may be doing that as the play next spring--the musical. Wouldn't that be magnificent? If only I could sing, I would so much like to be Eliza...but there are many more talented people here than me who would get it--but I shall try, nevertheless. :-) But it may not even be that next spring, we'll see.

Anway. Why am I sick of words? I am sick to death of words because I feel like they are bandied around, that are defined, discussed, used, reused, overused (and underused), and no one listens. For example. I try to tell someone something, and he goes and says something exact opposite of what I tried to tell him. Very irritating, but I know he means well.

I'm also sick of words becuase it is midterms, and I feel like the more words go around, the more likely it is that I will continue to not understand, and I've had quite enough not understanding for one semester, thank you very much. I understand people well enough when I talk to them, why are these ideas we toss around in the classroom so different? Am I really "lacking self-confidence" so it is only a "mental block" keeping me from comprehending these concepts and remembering these theories and movements and terms? (I'm not insecure, am I?) Or am I really that dumb? It's possible. I just keep hoping there's another explanation.

I've had two people in two different settings say that if I wanted to do something, I would have to be willing to push on even though it'll be hard. Not that I have to be stellar or anything, just that I have to keep trying. Maybe that's what I have to do with school too. And that is one of my biggest struggles--I'd rather just do a quick push with all my strength and then go on to the next thing, not keep plugging a bit every day even though I'm so, so tired. I'll keep trying--in the grand scheme of things, this is just one big push till it's all over and done with.

I'm sticking in random photos from the semester so far, just to make it more interesting. :-)

So, a bunch of us went shooting (thanks to the Leadership Institute), and we had a super-fab time. I turnd out to be not such a bad shot after all. Bekah is amacing, by the way, I wouldn't want to run across her in a dark alley. ;-)

A group of us went to CT over Columbus Day weekend too--we had so much fun! Carmel is the key to all happiness...

Keep plodding with me...

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